Hello dancers and dance enthusiasts!

Welcome to the newest project by the NC Dance Alliance – our very own blog! So, you may be wondering, what will this blog be about? In a word… YOU! We want to showcase and discuss what is happening in the North Carolina dance community. Let’s highlight what our individual and organizational members are doing. We also hope this blog can serve as a discussion board, a tool to link artists together, and a springboard for growing support and knowledge of all forms of dance.

We will do out part as your NCDA to research what is happening (and write about it), but we are also asking for YOUR help. If you are a member of NCDA and have a blog, please subscribe to us (link on right) and email us your blog’s address so we can do the same! We will also be happy to add your posts to our page, helping more readers find each other’s posts online. Are you an organizational member with a facebook page or twitter account? Email us so that we can like and follow you through those avenues to be sure we know what our members are up to!

Stay tuned for more ways to connect to NCDA – and be sure to tell us what you’d like to see! Up next… more details about the upcoming Annual Event will be posted soon…

-Autumn Mist Belk, NCDA Board Member