The Annual Award

About The NCDA Annual Award The prestigious NCDA Annual Award honors individuals who have made significant life time contributions to the growth and development of dance in NC. Previous award recipients are Avis Hatcher-Puzzo, Alyson Colwell-Waber, Betsy Ward-Hutchinson, Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux & Patricia McBride, Sue Stinson, M’Liss Gary Dorrance, John Gamble, Mary LeGere, Clay Taliaferro, Glenda Mackie, Gene Medler, Chuck Davis, Jan Van Dyke, Robert Lindgren, Lynda McCulloch, Mavis Ray, Julia Wray, Virginia Moomaw, Dot Silver, Pamela Sofras, Gay Cheney, Sal Siello, Peter McBeth, and Lemmas Mackie. The award, which includes a monetary honorarium, is presented annually at the NCDA Annual Event.

NCDA ANNUAL AWARD 2015 nominations are due: APRIL 25, 2015 Nominations for the Annual Award are solicited each year from the community. If you have someone in mind that you feel has made a substantial impact on the field of dance in our state and would like to see them recognized, we would like to hear from you. Your nomination must include the name, address and telephone number of the nominee, and a brief paragraph describing the nominee’s contributions to dance in North Carolina. Please email us (Attn: Annual Award) with your nomination letter by APRIL 25.

~ Congratulations to the 2014 Annual Award winner, Robin Harris ~


Robin Harris

Robin Harris

Robin Harris is the director of the NC State Dance Program at NC State University, where she also serves as artistic director of the NCSU Dance Company, Robin Harris mentors student choreographers and teaches dance composition. A choreographer of over thirty major works, Robin Harris is a recipient of two NC Arts Council Choreographers Fellowships, the Raleigh Medal of Arts, an Indy Award, and the 2010 NCAAHPERD University Dance Educator Award. Her work has also been recognized by the American Dance Festival, and been presented five times in National Galas of the American College Dance Festival Association, including performances at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Full evenings of Robin’s work have been presented by NCSU Center Stage and the Southeast Women’s Studies Conference. Additionally, her work has toured four seasons with the North Carolina Dance Festival, and been a featured subject on National Public Radio’s “Studio 360.” Robin holds a B.A. in French and an M.A. in dance from The Ohio State University, and has received certification from the Dance Notation Bureau as a Labanotation teacher.



Other past Annual Award winners:

2013: Avis Hatcher-Puzzo
2012: Alyson Colwell-Waber
2011: Betsy Ward-Hutchinson
2010: Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux & Patricia McBride
2009: Sue Stinson
2008: M’Liss Gary Dorrance
2007: John Gamble
2006: Mary LeGere
2005: Clay Taliaferro
2004: Glenda Mackie
2003: Gene Medler
2002: Jan Van Dyke
2001: Peter MacBeth
2000: Salvatore Aiello
1999: Gay Cheney
1998: Pamela Sofras
1997: Dot Silver
1996: Virginia Moomaw
1995: Julia Wray
1994: Chuck Davis
1993: Mavis Ray
1992: Lynda McCulloch
1991: Robert Lindgren
1990: Lemmas Mackie